Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy New Year 2009 Shaker card

Wow, glitz, glamor and a beautiful Scottish verse with translation, this new year card just sparkles. Its midnight, so Happy 2009. Shaker is filled with little silver beads, glitter and a fabulous clock which I designed with real clock hands (not a functioning clock), the hands will move if shaken hard enough!! Pretty champagne is glass covered with glitter and the year 2009, sits at the bottom of the card. Rows of little silver beads surround the clock. Front of card just sparkles with crystals and glittered paper. Card is 6 x 6 and has been machine stitched.
Inside of card has a a verse from a traditional Scottish song. On the other side of the card I have enclosed the full version of the song with the translation on the reverse side. Very sparkly box envelope. Box envelope is approx 1" wide to protect this beautiful card with a pretty bow closure at the back.
Check out more pics at from 7:30p.m. (CST) tonight.

Have a great evening


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