Friday, January 16, 2009


I decided to do something different, I had this cute flashing heart pin and thought I could incorporate it in my design? What do you thin? The recipient gets not only a card but a little pin to wear also. Lots of glitter and cut outs. Lots of layers and stitching as always. Hope you like it.

Have great weekend!!

Available at from 7:30p.m. (CST) tonight!!


Trina said...

Very Pretty! Great idea with the pin!

Kath said...

I won this card and I have to tell you that it is absolutely hands down - one of my favorite cards of all times! I don't know if you can tell that much from the pictures, but the envelope has stitched hearts all around it!

And the flashing heart pin? It was such a hit that I ordered plenty of replacements!!

This Valentine's card was for a friend of mine who was a teenager during the 60's and had a great time! Talk about flashbacks and the white go-go boots!!

EXCELLENT job Wendy!!