Tuesday, April 28, 2009



Hey says Ridley, this was the very first of my Ridleys, whatch think, Is he cute or what??? Pop on over to my downloads site and see more Ridleys. I hand drew the background and colored both images with COPICs. Embellies include felt ribbon and fabric flowers and brads.

See you all tomorrow


Melissa Craig said...

This is so cute! Ridley needs a girlfriend, too.

Lisa Foster said...

This is adorable! I love your images so much, Wendy! I spent some time today coloring the ones I got last night...oh so FUN!!! I agree with Melissa above...maybe Ridley could have a girlfriend? Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent! {Hugs}}

Mel said...

as I really like your Blog and seem to have a look on it almost every day I left a little surprise for you on my Blog :)

Shawne said...
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Shawne said...

Ok, this is my 3rd attempt at a comment! We need spell check on here! LOL! I just wanted to say that the awrd you left me was such a great way to start my morning and that Your Ridley card is really cute, he's adorable! :)