Thursday, April 9, 2009


OK Here's what happened, I was tagged twice, one by Susanna Boyd at Card of the Week, and once by my friend Linda at The Funkie Junkie. What did I have to do!!

1. Go to my pictures folder

2. Choose the 6th folder

3. Choose the 6th pic in the folder.

Well here is my pic, my lovable little critters that visit with me every evening. They are a little bit spoiled, don't you think. They are sooooo very cute though!!



Linda Coughlin said...

Cute friends you have there, Wendy! Thanks for sharing.

~*Joni said...

Hi Wendy! These raccoons are adorable! And so very spoiled, they look like domesticated pampered pets. haha! Your blog is incredible, I am guilty of peeking quickly as it is hours past my bedtime. I can't believe how fast the time goes when you are on SCS or blog hopping!!! I wanted to let you know that your images are adorable. I'll be sure to shop here tomorrow morning and will definitely spread the word to all of my buddies. :D

Wendy said...

Thanks Joni, it is very nice to hear from you!! and glad you like my digi stamps. I have visited you blog too and you have some fabby creations there. Love those houses!!